What is specialty coffee?

"Specialty Coffee", translated as selected coffee , is produced only from coffee beans of the highest quality, growing in ideal climatic and geographical conditions. Their unique properties and taste usually reflect the quality and character of the soil in which they were grown, the so-called "terroir".

According to the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America), coffee that achieves a score of over 80 points out of a total of 100 points during a professional evaluation (so-called cupping) is defined as specialty coffee.

Ethiopia coffee farm

These varieties are grown at higher altitudes in unique microclimates. The first selection starts with the picker, who collects only ripe coffee cherries. A typical feature of selected coffee is the cultivation of the coffee tree in harmony with nature and sustainable agriculture. Another typical feature is the fact that it is not a commercial coffee. Farmers focus exclusively on quality, and the result is a limited amount of high-quality coffee, whose unique taste characteristics may not be repeated in the future. Choice coffee can only exist thanks to the enormous dedication and patience of people for whom quality coffee is the highest priority.

Coffee from flower to bean


Probably the biggest advantage of buying coffee beans is their freshness. Experts agree that after roasting, coffee will retain its distinctive taste and aroma for about one week. after two weeks, the coffee still tastes great, but the aroma is already fading. a month after roasting, the taste and aroma are noticeably reduced. For the best taste experience, it is therefore recommended to consume the coffee within 3 weeks of roasting.

La Boheme Café Roastery


Unfortunately, as soon as coffee is ground, it loses its flavor and aroma almost immediately. It retains its taste and aroma only for the next few hours. To achieve the best possible level of flavor and aroma, it is recommended that the coffee be sold whole and preferably consumed immediately after grinding.

Ground coffee La Boheme Café


Select coffee offers a wide range of flavors and at the same time offers different profiling options during the roasting itself. Looking for a mild acidity with a taste of molasses, ginger, blackcurrant and jasmine? A specialty coffee roaster will probably recommend Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Are you interested in a cup full of fruit, brown sugar and molasses with a finish of caramel and ripe red cherries? The roaster will surely offer you coffee from Guatemala.

Specialty coffee roasters have both the expertise and quality beans to produce bold, complex flavors that can satisfy even the most demanding customers. When buying specialty coffee, you can choose a flavor based on the season, it will perfectly complement your favorite food or even lift your mood. Simply exceptional!

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