The beginning of La Bohème

"It all started 17 years ago when, in my daily ritual of making my morning coffee, I realised that the world's standard of coffee quality was poor. Due to my deep-rooted passion for coffee and love of travel, I almost immediately decided to embark on a quest for better coffee.

After years spent travelling to coffee origins, from Africa to Central and South America, I quickly came to understand what constitutes quality coffee, how the system works and how it varies from origin to origin, and how my efforts as a coffee roaster in the Czech Republic can make a significant contribution to the livelihoods of farmers, their communities, and the environment in which their farms are located. And so began my criteria of building socially responsible, charitable and sustainable relationships with coffee growers who are dedicated to what I call "excellent coffee".

That's why I'm very fortunate to be able to offer you some of the best coffee in the world. This good fortune can only be attributed to the dedication and passion of our partner farmers, my fantastic team of coffee gurus in the Czech Republic and you, our customers, who share our passion for the finest sustainable coffee. Together, we enjoy what we love and what makes our day, and with every sip, we can know that we are working to improve the livelihoods of farmers and the environment they live in."

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Direct Trade

La Bohème is committed to ensuring the integrity of the entire coffee growing and processing chain by paying premium prices directly to farmers. In this way, we can ensure that farmers are fairly rewarded for the hard work and effort they put into growing. We believe that the direct connection between us and the coffee producers creates a unique taste in every cup, allowing our customers to explore coffee stories from bean to exceptional coffee.

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Roasting and quality control

We have a great combination of technological options that allow us maximum flexibility in creating memorable flavours. Our coffee undergoes a meticulous process where the roasted beans are controlled using a two-step method to ensure the optimum roast level. Only then is this coffee packaged and delivered directly to your table. This way, we can guarantee that the coffee will have a complete and balanced flavour in every cup.

Cup of Excellence

Charles Fleer, the founder of La Bohème Café, is actively involved as a jury member in coffee competitions organised by farmers, national organisations in the countries of origin and other coffee associations. His participation in these competitions creates and strengthens direct commercial relations between farmers and roasters. Charles actively contributes to building a direct trade network where farmers have the opportunity to showcase their coffee and establish cooperation with roasters. This gives coffee producers meaningful feedback and the chance to improve their production processes leading to better quality coffee.