Chemex: An Exceptional Method of Coffee Preparation

If you are an avid coffee lover looking for a new way to enjoy the best cup, Chemex should not be overlooked. This simple yet elegant coffee brewing method has a rich history and several unique features that make it a favorite among coffee connoisseurs. In this blog post, we'll look at the origins of the Chemex, how it's used, and why you should consider adding it to your arsenal of coffee tools.

History of Chemex

Chemex was first developed in 1941 by Dr. By Peter Schlumbohm, a German chemist with a great passion for design and function. His goal was to create a coffee machine that would be not only efficient, but also aesthetically impressive. Dr. Schlumbohm believed that good design could improve even simple daily rituals like making coffee.

This is how the Chemex was born, which combines a glass pin in the shape of a flask and a paper filter. This idea turned out to be brilliant, as the paper filter separates the coffee bags from the extraction, allowing coffee to be prepared without a hint of hot burn or unpleasant residue. Additionally, Chemex has been included in modern art collections in museums around the world due to its simple yet stunning design.

Chemex Brew Guide

What you will need:

  • Chemex coffee maker
  • Chemex paper filter
  • Mill
  • Freshly ground coffee
  • Hot water (ideally 92-95°C)
  • Timer


1. Insert the filter into the Chemex so that the side with three layers is aligned towards the spout and the side with one layer is further away from the spout. We rinse the filter with hot water so that it is evenly sealed around the entire perimeter and gets rid of the papery taste. Pour out the water and align the filter at the sink.

2. Pour 40 g (approximately 6 tablespoons) of medium coarse ground coffee into the filter, align and lower the stem.

3. First, pour 100 ml of hot water over the coffee and let it bloom for 45 seconds. We wait until the water completely wets the coffee.

4. After that, we will gradually pour in circular movements for three steps. First up to 200 ml, secondly up to 450 ml and finally up to 600 ml. The third infusion should end around the third minute.

5. The total extraction time should be between 4:00 and 4:30.

6. Take out the filter, swirl it a bit with Chemex and serve!

Voilà! Your coffee is ready. Now you have a great reason to impress your friends and look forward to sharing coffee with your family.

Making coffee with Chemex is not only about achieving the perfect taste, but also about creating an experience. For many of us, coffee is not only a drink, but also a ritual that connects us with others. Chemex is the ideal tool that will allow you to experience this ritual in its full beauty.

So treat yourself to the luxurious cup of coffee you deserve, and if you haven't tried Chemex yet, keep in mind that it can open a new door to the world of coffee. Be brave, try new types of coffee and discover new flavors. And don't forget that the best thing about the coffee ritual is sharing this experience with those you love. Coffee is a means that connects us and opens the way to endless conversations and unforgettable moments ;)