Colombia Bet-el Anaerobic

Meet farmer Cesar

We are delighted to introduce you to Colombian coffee from farmer Cesar, which has been processed using the washed anaerobic method. The coffee was hand-picked when perfectly ripe, fermented for 86 hours and sun-dried. The anaerobic way is an airless technique that results in a creamy coffee that, at first taste, impresses you with its floral aroma and intense flavour of ripe peaches and strawberries.

Cesar Ledesma, owner of Bet-el Farm, places great emphasis on sustainability, environmental protection and living in harmony with the local nature of the breathtaking mountains. He focuses on the production of premium micro-lots from his plantation. His vision of living in harmony with nature is evident when you first see his farm and how he grows it. Cesar uses no pesticides when growing varieties such as Pink Bourbon, Sudan Rume, Geisha, Castillo or Yellow Tabi, is careful to reduce water consumption and uses methods that return water to nature when drying the cherries.

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Colombia Bet-el is a coffee that grabs you and doesn't let go from the first to the last taste. A creamy and sweet taste of juicy peaches, ripe strawberries and hints of delicate vanilla.

Bet-el Farm, a paradise in the Colombian mountains

Cesar's love of nature and vision for ecosystem conservation is evident at first glance. His farm is located in the heart of Colombia's Valle Del Cauca at an altitude of 1,600 metres. This valley is considered one of the most fertile areas of Colombia, with the Cauca River flowing through it. The river plays a vital role in coffee growing, as it is the basis for access to water. Recognizing the importance of water management and protecting the natural resources of the local mountains, Cesar chooses to use environmentally friendly practices.