Introducing: Las Terrazas

Our cooperation

La Boheme Cafe has been working with this family farm since 2014, when Charles, the owner of our roaster, met Renard "Nayo" Ovalle Vides while visiting his picturesque fields in Huehuetenango. 


How did it all start? The first page of the story began as early 1958 when Reanrd's grandfather Jorge Vides, a respects doctor, traveled all over the country to treat sick villagers. While traveling, Jorge discovered the unremitting beauty of the country. He bought the first field in Huehuetenango and started to grown mainly Bourbon and Caturra. Nobody would have thought that coffee from this region would gain such quality and prestige. His community activities continued to expand. In 1980 he founded a local school for children of field workers and residents of nearby village. Shortly after its founding, the school received accreditation from the Ministry of education and proudly bears Jorg's name to this day. Just like a local hospital. 


In 2001, his daughter and grandson Renardo "Nayo" Ovalle Vides renewed his legacy and began to grown coffee on the spot again according to his progress. It turned out that they were on the right track, having already won second place in prestige Cup of excellence in 2002. Their philosophy is fully in line with philosophy of La Boheme Cafe: 1. Passion for quality, 2. social responsibility, 3. Ecological sustainability. 


La Terrazas 88 coffee grew up on the Jacqueline micro lot, named after Renard's wife Jacqueline, renowned expert with a very refined taste and special Q-Grader training that leads the family coffee laboratory in Guatemala City. 

When you enjoy a cup of coffee from this area, you can rest assured that you have not only purchased high-quality premium coffee but also support the local population. 

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