Travel Set

Get ready for an adventure without having to leave the smell of your favorite coffee. Our unique set for travel lovers includes the classic AeroPress, a KINTO Travel Tumbler (choose your own color) that will keep your coffee warm for up to eight hours, the Let It Snow seasonal Christmas blend with subtle notes of tangerine and a limited edition La Bohéme Café gift bag.

This wonderful package is not only a gift, but the key to incredible adventures for anyone who loves travel and fine coffee. This exclusive set includes an Aeropress, a 350ml Kinto travel thermos, a special "Let It Snow" Christmas espresso blend and a gift bag with the inscription "This bag contains caffeine".

With AeroPress, which is compact, light and easy to use, you can prepare a world-class cup of coffee anywhere in the world. A travel thermos will keep your favorite drink warm throughout your adventure. And what's better than starting each morning with the "Let It Snow" Christmas Espresso Blend to bring a touch of magic into your day.

A gift bag with the inscription "This bag contains caffeine" not only adds a touch of humor, but also emphasizes that this is a package full of energy and joy.

This package is not only a great gift, it is the key to unforgettable moments and adventures that will accompany the recipient every step of the way.