El Salvador Divisadero Natural

Variety Marsellesa

We have been working with Mauricio for several years and it is a great honor for us to have had the opportunity to welcome him for cupping in our coffee laboratory and to be able to offer selected coffee from his farm at the La Bohème cafe.

The Marsellesa variety processed by the dry method is first dried on so-called "African beds", which leads to a cleaner and more balanced taste. After drying, there is a step of removing the coffee husks by peeling, in which rainwater is used as an energy source. Mauricio applies his expertise, time and energy to growing and processing a wide range of coffee varieties. Thanks to his efforts, his coffee was ranked among the best in the prestigious Cup of Excellence 2015 competition.

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Sweet and funky flavors of raspberry and passion fruit.

Farm Divisadero

Located at an altitude of 1,550 meters, Divisadero prides itself not only on its beautiful location, but also on its exceptionally high-quality soil. Mauricio, the owner of this farm, puts a lot of effort into organic coffee processing, which is an important element for us in our partnership. Mauricio also emphasizes hand-harvesting the coffee cherries, only when they reach perfect ripeness. This approach to harvesting ensures high quality and unique coffee taste.