Artisan Brew Set

The luxury drip coffee set, including a handmade dripper from the renowned Kinto brand, a seasonal Christmas blend "Let It Snow" and a gift bag with the inscription "This bag contains caffeine," is not just a coffee set, it is an experience combined with the passion and precision of craftsmanship .

Luxury set for filtering coffee

With the slogan "SPECIALITY SLOW COFFEE STYLE", this set becomes a symbol of carefully selected, unique products inspired by the passion of craftsmen. Each product in this set is created to provide not only visual elegance, but also maximum comfort during everyday use. The combination of the best materials, thoughtful design and careful processing creates aesthetic and functional harmony.

The seasonal Christmas mix "Let It Snow" is crowned with this set, which brings not only a great taste to your cup, but also an atmosphere of joy and well-being. With a full flavor of fruit, from plums to caramelized apples, light notes of Christmas spice and cinnamon and a long finish of quality dark chocolate, this blend creates an irresistible combination for Christmas time.

This whole set is not just coffee equipment, it is a work of art that combines aesthetics with taste, bringing a touch of luxury and uniqueness to your daily coffee ritual.