Hario V60 Metal Drip Scale Scale

If you say "filtered coffee" or simply "filter", most coffee lovers think of the legendary V60 preparation system from Hario. This method also requires a specific ratio of coffee, water and a certain extraction time. This Hario V60 scale fits perfectly into the entire V60 system. Making coffee with this helper will be a breeze and it will be easier to achieve consistent results.

Nice design and functionality in the second generation of the Hario scale - the stainless steel weighing surface is now removable and easy to clean. The scale is now equipped with a battery that you can easily charge with a micro USB cable, you will certainly appreciate the backlit display when preparing coffee early in the morning. The functionality of the scale has remained unchanged compared to the previous generation - we still find capacitive buttons, the maximum load capacity of the scale is 2000 g, the weight resolution changes depending on the weight of the object being weighed. The scale has a robust and yet luxurious impression due to its processing.

Even something as small as a stopwatch can do wonders - once you get used to the stopwatch function, you won't want to go back to the stopwatch on your mobile. The buttons respond quickly and you really only need to put your finger on it. The speed of weighing and setting the scale is fully sufficient for the preparation of filtered coffee. There is a practical indicator light near the USB connector that flashes during charging. When the scale is fully charged, the green LED lights up continuously. The scale will not be put to shame even in the kitchen for routine weighing, or for precise weighing of coffee directly in the espresso lever. However, it is not suitable for measuring espresso extraction because it is not waterproof. If you need a scale created for the espresso world, be sure to reach for the Brewista Smart Scale. The use of the scale together with the stand, V60 filter and decanter is then an absolute treat - together they form a system that will definitely be eyed by every one of your visitors.