Fellow - Tally Pro Digital Scale

The Fellow Tally Pro digital scale is ideal not only for baristas, but also for everyone who pays attention to every detail when preparing coffee. The innovative Brew Assist™ mode ensures the perfect taste of coffee with every preparation.

Innovative Brew Assist™ mode
The Tally scale guides you through the entire alternative coffee preparation process from start to finish. No complicated calculations, just enter your favorite coffee to water ratio and Brew Assist™ will guide you in pouring coffee to achieve the perfect target weight. Ideal for beginners and those who like to experiment with different alternative coffee preparations. The illuminated display shows you all the information you need, including a timer, and with Weight Mode Pro you can change measurements between grams, ounces, pounds and milliliters.

A tally scale is as fast and accurate as you can expect. With quick stabilization and accuracy to the tenth of a gram, you are in control of the entire preparation process. Maximum capacity 2500 g.

Timeless design
The Tally scale is made of quality materials and the elegant design will fit perfectly into your cafe and kitchen. The practical weighing pan is removable and easy to clean.

User-friendly controls
The screen is easy to read in all conditions thanks to the luminescent OLED display , the rechargeable USB-C battery lasts for up to thirteen hours of continuous process on a single charge, and the entire scale has very intuitive controls. Additionally, Fellow has added a hidden feature to its scale in the form of a "Jumpy" game . Can you find it?