Espresso Symphony

Do you love espresso? Join our "Espresso Symphony" subscription and you will definitely not be disappointed. Our roasters carefully select and create our unique espresso blends from a wide variety of coffees to satisfy your passion for fine quality coffee.

Balanced notes of single-type coffees

Our coffee subscription of single-breed coffees designed for alternative preparations is very popular among true coffee enthusiasts. Our team in the roastery carefully selects the most interesting coffees from different regions of the world. Thanks to their expert tasting knowledge, you can sample a selection of our finest coffees.

How does it work?


We offer coffee subscriptions, either in the form of single coffees or espresso blends, as well as tea subscriptions. You can have your chosen subscription automatically sent to you once or twice a month. The total time of the automatic sending varies depending on the subscription option you choose. You can have your coffee subscription sent for 3, 5 or 12 months, and your tea subscription for 6 or 12 months.

Yes, just contact us by e-mail and we'll be happy to discuss with you when we'll resume shipping.

Yes, please contact us by e-mail and we'll make arrangements to change.

Yes, just contact us by e-mail and we'll agree to change the grind. 

Yes, please contact us by e-mail and we'll agree on a change in frequency or quantity.

Please provide your contact details as the billing address, and the contact details of the recipient as the delivery address. Please be sure to include the donor's phone contact for shipping needs.

We always strive for variety in our coffees so that you can enjoy different flavours from all corners of the world with every shipment. However, if you would like to receive a specific coffee with each shipment, please indicate this in the notes.

If you wish to have your coffee brewed as part of your subscription, please specify in the notein the basket a method of preparation (espresso, V60, Chemex, AeroPress etc.) and we'll grind your coffee accordingly.

Yes, we are happy to extend your subscription! Contact us using the form HERE and let us know if you wish to continue with the same subscription or if you wish to change the frequency and quantity.

Please do not forget to include the billing or delivery address at the same time, if it has changed. If the address has not changed, there is no need to enter it. After confirming the details, we will send you a payment link and your subscription will be renewed.

Usual shipping timeorders from our warehouse are the next working day after ordering. As soon as the order is transferred to the carrier, you will receive an email with a tracking number, according to which you can track the status of the order here:
Shipping office -

There may occasionally be exceptions during summer holidays or public holidays which may affect the delivery time of your order.

If you mistakenly entered personal pickup and wish to change the delivery location, please contact us using the form HERE .

Please indicate whether you wish to send the order to the address or indicate the desired collection point ( Listof all Zásilkovna branches). We will then send the order to you on cash on delivery with the cost of postage or we will send a link to pay the postage to your e-mail. Shipping is free for purchases over 1500 CZK.

If you have not chosen a branch, you will receive an email from us with a link to the list of branches where you can change the branch. If you have chosen the wrong branch, please contact Zásilkovna customer service on +420 216 216 516 or use their contact form HERE .