Legend has it that one day, the Chinese emperor was cleaning the water under a tea tree when tea leaves fell into his teapot. Curious, the emperor decided to taste the water and was amazed by the refreshing taste. And our beloved tea was born. And what goes best with tea? Lemon, of course! Lemon and other citrus fruits are full of vitamins and antioxidants that brighten the taste of your tea and give your body an extra dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. So try our lemon teas and treat yourself to a delicious and healthy experience.

Why try lemon teas?

Lemons are an excellent choice for those looking for a natural and healthy way to sweeten their tea without reaching for sugar or sweeteners. Their low calorie and sugar content makes them a great alternative. If you're looking for a way to limit calories in your diet, lemon tea is a great ally. Whether you adore black or green tea, adding lemon will increase your vitamin C intake, boost your immunity and brighten your complexion. Be inspired by our delicious tea blends full of lemons and other citrus flavours. We've also thought of those who want to enjoy an evening cuppa and have recommendations for decaffeinated teas. Enjoy a citrusy, refreshing summer.

Lemon, the yellow powerhouse of vitamin C
Citron is known for its sour taste and refreshing aroma that brightens every beverage, from teas to mixed drinks. Its acidity gives teas a zesty twist and awakens our senses. Vitamin C supports our immunity and gives us the energy to tackle our holiday plans. 

Orange, the sweet scent of far away
Orange brings a sweet and warming mood to teas, transporting you to the lands of orange blossom fragrance. The orange peel adds aromaticity and intensity to the teas, while the blossoms add a delicate fragrance. Like lemon, orange contains vitamin C and other antioxidants that protect our health. 

Grapefruit, a harmony of bitterness and sweetness
Grapefruit comes with a unique combination of bitter and sweet notes. Its refreshing flavour palette adds complexity and refreshment to teas. Grapefruit is also known for its ability to support digestion and metabolism, making grapefruit tea a great companion after a meal.

Bio Lemon & Ginger

Ginger and lemon belong together. This caffeine-free blend is perfect for rainy mornings and a soothing cup in the evening. Combining spicy ginger with fresh lemon notes creates an unforgettable tea experience.

Emerald Isles

When you taste the tea called "Emerald Island", it is as if you are on a tropical holiday where nothing weighs you down. Just close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the taste of the delicate green tea, which is spiced with orange peel and brightened with citrus notes of grapefruit and lemon. With every sip, you will discover a refreshing hint of mint and delicate beetroot blossoms that complete this delicious combination. Transport yourself to a remote island and be pampered by this tropical symphony of flavours.

Royal Palace

Wondering what kind of tea is served in the royal family? That's a figment of our imagination, but if it were up to us, it could be a tea called "The Royal Palace". This delicious black tea is enriched with elegant notes of lemon and grapefruit that will transport you to a sublime atmosphere, at least for a while. Whether you are a true royal or a dreamer, this tea will warm your heart and give you a true sense of uniqueness.

Citron Green

This tea is ideal for those who want to start drinking green tea. Lemon and orange notes complement the delicate flavour of green tea and introduce you to the enchanting world of tea. In addition, the combination of citrus and green tea will give your body a double dose of antioxidants that act as a protective shield against external influences.

Lemon verbena

An herbal tea, popular primarily in France, is known as lemon verbena or vervain. The golden drink with a refreshing lemon taste can be sipped in the evening without any worries. If you suffer from insomnia, stomach problems, or a cold, lemon verbena may be just the thing to help you. So have a cup of this delicious herbal drink and treat your body to a moment of peace and calm.