How to creatively use old tea cans

Spring is finally here and many of us are getting ready for the annual spring cleaning and reorganization of the entire household. If you are a tea lover, you probably have a small collection of tea cans at home that are taking up space in your kitchen unnecessarily. Take a look with us at what you can use tea cans for and you will have fun cleaning this year.

A repository of family recipes

A favorite recipe that you have written on a small piece of paper or your grandmother's secret ingredient for brownies belongs in every family treasury. So that you don't lose family secrets, put them all in a tea tin where they will always be at hand.

Sewing kit box

A needle with thread has the unique ability to hang around until you actually need it. Then you can run up and down the whole household, and no, no, find your sewing kit. Put all the balls, needles and safety pins in the Harney tin and solve the problem once and for all.

Organizer of office supplies

Create a set of pens, pencils and paper that you can put in boxes and place around your home. This way you avoid the situation when you need to record something and you can't find a working pen.

Vintage pendant light

Another use of tea tins can be to create a hanging lamp. All you need is a metal cutting tool, a tea box such as Cherry Blossom from the HT collection or Paris from the Classic collection , a pendant light set, a light bulb and a few hooks.


Tea tin cans are perfect for creative spring projects. Do you have other ideas on how to use our cans? Let us know in the comments, or share your recycled tea can creations with us on our social media !