Rwanda Simbi Natural

Simbi washing station

The station was established in 2013, and in its first year of operation, it won a significant 9th place in the prestigious Rwanda Cup of Excellence competition. This excellent placement was just the beginning of a long and successful journey towards producing world-class coffee.

Since then, the station has been dedicated to producing high-quality coffee and has repeatedly placed high in this competition. Particularly noteworthy are the winning years of 2015 and 2018, when their coffees won first place, the result of the extremely hard work and dedication of the growers on this farm. These achievements carry with them evidence of a strong commitment to producing the highest quality coffee.

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This coffee tastes of red grapes, fresh cranberries and subtle rum notes.

Processing Natural

Natural, or dry method, is a method of processing coffee in which the cherries are spread out after harvesting and left to dry in the sun for up to 6 weeks. This process removes unripe and damaged fruit. The resulting coffee often offers a rich, fruity flavour in the cup, with a higher sweetness and a pronounced body, while the acid content is usually lower. It is a process that often produces a full-flavoured coffee.