Indonesia Zakiah CoE #4

Farmers' Association for Better Coffee

In 2022, Charles, the founder of La Bohème Café, was invited to join the first Cup of Excellence international jury in Indonesia. During this competition, he had the opportunity to taste unique coffees that captivated him with their unmistakable taste. So when these coffees were auctioned, Charles did not hesitate to bid. With incredible perseverance and determination, Charles spent 8 hours at the auction. And his efforts were rewarded. He managed to get an exceptional coffee for La Bohème, which came in fourth place!

The Cup of Excellence is the world's most rigorous and prestigious coffee quality competition. Winning an award in this competition is no easy matter. The coffees that make it to the finals go through at least five rounds of judging by the best coffee tasters worldwide. Hundreds of cups are tasted from each sample; even a single flaw can be grounds for elimination. Coming in 4th place in this competition is an outstanding achievement and we are delighted to bring this fruity and floral coffee to your table.

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When tasting this coffee, you will notice the juicy taste of ripe tangerines and apricots, which is perfectly complemented by the divine aroma of wildflowers and lavender.

From own farm to the prestigious Cup of Excellence competition

Asman Arianto, the founder of the Ribang Gayo Musara cooperative, perceived the difficult situation in his region, where many small farmers were not receiving fair remuneration for their work and thus had no opportunity to invest in their farms. He therefore decided to establish a cooperative in 2018 to focus on improving coffee quality, sustainability and supporting farms and private coffee producers. Thanks to his vision, the cooperative boasts more than 350 members who receive fair prices for their coffee as well as valuable advice on how to continuously improve their cultivation.

A great example is Zakiah, one of the main farmers of the association. Thanks to fair conditions and the support of the cooperative, her coffee was placed 4th in the Cup of Excellence Indonesia competition. Zakiah farms together with her husband and wants to continue to push the quality of her coffee forward.